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Private Yoga Therapy Sessions

Today's group yoga classes are a modern invention. In its early days, the practice was passed down from one teacher to one student, and instruction was individualized. Whether you're a novice or an advanced practitioner, private yoga classes at Jyoti Yoga Therapy, YogaPatricia can mimic early yoga teaching methods and maximize the weight loss and health benefits of this low impact workout. We will help you sculpt your muscles while improving flexibility and balance, and you will receive the personal attention you need to get the most out of every moment of your day.

The Health Benefits of Private Yoga Therapy Instruction

Private yoga sessions us are an investment that pays dividends in increased weight loss, greater flexibility, improved balance, enhanced strength and sharpened mental focus. One-on-one instruction at Jyoti Yoga Therapy, YogaPatricia lets you focus on problem areas -- you can sculpt specific muscle groups or work on loosening tight hamstrings, for example. If you have an injury or medical condition, private yoga classes let you modify this low impact workout to prevent injury. Aside from their health benefits, private sessions at Jyoti Yoga Therapy, YogaPatricia a Professional Yoga Th can teach you how to use home practice and group classes to meet your practice goals. If you would like your practice to help you achieve a mental, emotional, spiritual or physical goal, our private instruction can point you in the right direction.

Deepen Your Knowledge of Yoga and Boost Confidence

In our one-on-one sessions, you and your yoga therapist can focus on developing the proper structural alignment and positioning in your asanas, and moving into your asanas in an easeful way. A Professional Yoga Therapist will do structural assessments to help you create spaciousness in the joints and re-educate your muscles and ligaments to position you affectively as you move through your daily routine. Private sessions also give you the chance to learn about the philosophy behind yoga and ask any questions you may have. You can use these sessions to complement your other classes at Jyoti Yoga Therapy, YogaPatricia.

Consider a private session to further your own yoga practice. Contact us today to inquire about setting an appointment convenient for you.

Exclusive Offer

Introductory Special:

$35 for 5 Classes | $65 for 10 Classes | $10 drop-in | $5 drop-in with student ID

Sign-up using the form or call (713) 443-7725 to take advantage of this exclusive offer.

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